Lecturer in Anatomy, Forensic Medicine etc

Lecturer in Anatomy, Forensic Medicine, Pharmacology & Micro Biology

1. Massive hepatomegaly is a feature of the following illnesses EXCEPT:
(A) Hydatid Cyst                                                 (B) Hepatocellular Carcinoma
(C) Secondaries in the liver                                (D) Congestive Heart Failure

2. The specific sign for lobar pneumonia in the chest X-ray PA view is
(A) Air Bronchogram                                          (B) Homogenous opacity
(C) Obliteration of costophrenic angle             (D) Congestive Heart Failure

3. Combination of absent ankle jerk and extensor plantar can be seen in the following clinical
conditions EXCEPT:
(A) Freiclerich’s ataxia                                        (B) Tabes dorsalis
(C) Subacute combined degeneration              (D) Peripheral neuropathy

4. The ECG changes leading to a diagnosis of Acute ST elevation Myocardial Infarction are the following EXCEPT:
(A) ST elevation of at least 1mm in limb leads
(B) Increase in Ventricular activation time
(C) ST elevation of at least 2mm in chest leads
(D) Upward concave ST Segment

5. The normal value range for HbAIC is:
(A) 1.5 — 3.5 (8) 4.5 – – 6.5 (C) 7.5 – – 9.5 (D) 10.5 – – 12. 5

6. The ideal drug for treating Hypertension in a diabetic patient without evidence of renal
dysfunction is
(A) Nifedipine                       (B) Atenalol                          (C) Enalapril                          (D) Prazopressine

7. Jugular venous pressure is a bedside indirect method of measuring the:
(A) Left atrial pressure                                        (B) Central venous pressure
(C) Systemic arteñal pressure                            (D) Right ventricular Pressure

8. Etiology of Hypoplastic anemia include the following EXCEPT.:
(A) Radiation therapy                                         (B) Chemotherapeutic drugs
(C) Infective Hepatitis                                         (D) Mismatched blood transfusion

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