HSST Botany

Higher Secondary School Teacher in Higher Secondary School

1. A mixture of inbred lines that combine favourably in all possible combinations:
(A) Synthetic variety      (B) Inbred variety
(C) Inbred line                 (D) Complex variety
2. Colloids consist of either liquid or solid disperse phase particles dispersed in a gaseous dispersion medium:
(A) Lysols                        (B) Aerosols
(C) Soliosols                     (D) Emulsions
3. Agar agar, extracted mostly from Gracilaria, is chemically consisted of:
(A) Nitrogenous oligosaccharides (B) Nitrogen – free oligosaccharides
(C) Galactan ester         (D) Polysaccharides
4. Half-life of isotope of carbon:
(A) 5760 days               (B) 5760 hours
(C) 5760 months          (D) 5760 years
5. Independent genes having separate but very close loci and affecting same trait are known as:
(A) lsoafleles                 (B) Multiple alleles
(C) Pseudoalleles         (D) Multiple genes
6. Melville (1963) proposed that both androecium and gynoecium are composed of basic units, which he called:
(A) Tegophylls           (B) Androphylls
(C) Gynandrophylls (D) Gonophylls
7. In cretaceous period, the dominant land plants were:
(A) Pteridophytes   (B) Gymnosperms
(C) Bryophytes        (D) Primitive angiosperms

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