Sewing Teacher

Sewing Teacher in Education Department
1 Fabric not suitable for summer wear
(A) Cotton        (B) Linen          (C) Polyester    (D) Jute

2. __________ is a type of decorative gathering.
(A) Dart           (B) Facing        (C) Binding       (D) Smocking

3. Casting off and casting on are terms associated with
(A) Knitting      (B) Weaving     (C) Spinning      (D) Reeling

4. A deep curved neckline can be finished best with
(A) cloth in sfraight grain           (B) cloth in true bias
(C) cloth in cross grain               (D) narrow hem

5. The self finished edge formed when weft yams interlace with warp yams during weaving is called
(A) Inlay           (B) Plaid           (C) Selvedge     (D) Lapels

6. Material does not feed correctly in the sewing machine due to
(A) Lack of oil                          (B) Dirt near feed-dog
(C) Lower tension tight              (D) Poor thread

7. Fabric that melts and burns is
(A) Nylon         (B) Rayon         (C) Jute            (D) Cotton

8. A band of cloth fixed at the mouth of the pocket in order that the cloth / lining inside it is not visible is called
(A) Locking      (B) Fork           (C) Jetting         (D) Selvedge

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