Staff Nurse

Staff Nurse

1. An increase in number of cells resulting from increased cellular division is known as
(A) Hyperplasla             (B) Hypert-rophy          (C) Atrophy                  (D) Dysplasia

2. There are cranial nerves
(A) 10                          (B) 8                            (C) 12                           (D) 14

3. The arterial blood gases of a client is deteriorating and respiratory failure is impending. The nurse first assess for
(A) Cyanosis                             (B) Bradycardia
(C) Confusion                           (D) Distended neck veins

4. Vaginal hysterectomy is usually indicated in
(A) Fibroid uterus                      (B) Genital prolapse
(C) Genitourinary fistula             (D) Endometriosis

5. When providing care to patients with thrombocytopenia the nurse must avoid aspirin because
(A) Interferes with platelet aggregation
(B) Destroy thrombocytes
(C) Reduces circulation
(D) Produces haemolysis

6. The nurse must assess a client experiencing excessive production of ADH for
(A) Hyponatraemia                   (B) Hyperglycaemia
(C) polyuria                               (D) Dehydration

7. Capto pril is :
(A) Antipyretic                          (B) Antihypertensive
(C) Diuretic                              (D) Antipsychotic

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